And a chance meeting sets the seeds of change?

Long day walking in travel through France

Long day walking in my journey along The Way of St. James

The day started out so beautiful and sunny. It set the energy of the day and I enjoyed a long day of walking. As I walked through the woods I came across Yannick, rising from his tent. We exchanged pleasantries.

“Bonjour. Ce va?”
“Oui, ce va?”
“Oui. Bonne walk” .

A few bends down the path , under the Spruce trees dappled morning light, I hear music through the trees. It’s a clarinet playing Les Brubeck’s, Take Five. What a gift! A few kilometers on I stopped at a pilgrim rest stop for some refreshment. Yannick showed up a little while later. He spoke about his clarinet being cold in the night on the Aurbrac. He played me a romantic French song. I then shared with him my artwork, viewing the portfolio on my iPhone. I spoke to him about the great Pacific garbage patch and the evils of single use plastic. Not an easy conversation when speaking with someone and we don’t share a native tongue. We parted ways and as I continued Down Gods Highway (The Way of St. James) I felt strong and happy that I was able to share my gospel about reuse, recycle, while rediscovering myself.

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