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Tess Felix

Contemporary U.S. Artist using Ocean plastic debris

Several organizations, publications, non-profits, and individuals have featured my work in print, online, or in film. Others have employed it in public installations and educational projects. For each of them, I am grateful for everything they do to turn up the volume on the perils facing our world and humanity. Through my work I explore serious issues with imagination and often times even humor. In each piece, my intention is to spark curiosity, conversation, and awareness in the viewer.

Below are links to publications, films, and events. Many of them have featured my work as part of their own initiative to raise awareness about the health of our oceans.

Add your own voice and help crank up the volume. Volunteer with local community organizations, donate to an organization you believe in, find one new way every month to eliminate single use plastics from your life. Together, we are stronger.


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Dramatic portraits in ocean plastic
Mill Valley Fall Arts Show
Marin IJ, 2019 (online version)

Tess Felix, Crisis, 2019
Peninsula Gazette, Ahn Minh Le

Time Magazine | Oceanic Global, 2017
13 Artists Who Turned Ocean Trash Into Amazing Art select to read

Time Magazine

Tess makes portraits from beach plastics, 2012
San Francisco Chronical–Sam Whiting  (read online)


Every Second Breath Film Series,2021 Short: Tess Felix: Plastic Portrait Artist
PBS, National, and International Distribution
Produced and Directed by:
Cynthia Abbott & Andrea Leland
Cinematography: Fabián Aguirre

Public Space

SEGO Initiative NPO, 2019–ongoing Based in Japan Organized beach clean-ups Alana Bonzi, Producer

Dalian time square Installation Marine Plastic Art, 2018 Kacey Leung, Curator Dalian, China

Marin cultural association, 2018 West Marin Artist Showcase Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, California

Daughter of The Sea
Dalian China Installation


The Circle Agriculture to Capalbio

The Beautiful Question 
Paper Mache Wings 8’ x 8’
Commissioned by event organizer,
Maria Concetta Monaci, 2015

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