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Slideshow of the first day

I am walking the beach La Feniglia-Ansedonia on the Tyreanean Sea. I have just arrived in Italy and today, even though my body is teasing me with a small cold, I am beginning my portrait of Pope Francesco. I was invited to participate by Grosseto Culturale Foundation in an event created to bring attention to ocean health along this ocean land and sea route.

The event is called Casa dei Pesci. This translates to House of Fish. Don’t you love that! What a great way to personalize the event and call attention to it in a way we all understand–home. I have just 2 weeks to collect the debris from the local coast for my ‘pallet’ and complete the portrait for this event. Even in this tight time frame I am loving my time here. I feel – at home. Until next time, Caio!


How to say ‘fish’ in Italian