This Old Earthquake cover art by Tess Felix

Gospel Flat cover art for This Old Earthquake CD

Today Gospel Flat for This Old Earthquake CD was featured as one of the 10 best music releases for 2012 in Marin. Congratulations! There’s a lot of great music in this county so it’s fantastic to be singled out from such a talented group. Really! Look who this West Marin band is keeping company with here: Bonnie Raitt (Slipstream), Johnny Colla (I hear Voices), a founding member of Huey Lewis and the News, or Jackie Ryan (Listen Here) on her new jazz album produced and arranged by the legendary John Clayton. It also put my artwork, featured on the cd cover, front and center. Fun! To see all of the great music and learn more about it visit the Marin IJ.

Happy Holidays everyone and may your new year be magical and prosperous. With Love, Tess