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Camino Artes, Carrion de los Arcos

  • By Tess

What Freddy Made

Frederick Sheppard, Founder of Camino Artes

Frederick Sheppard, Founder of Camino Artes

Camino Artes founder, Frederick Sheppard builds beautiful Spanish classical guitars in Carrion de Los Condes. He also teaches guitar building and organizes classical guitar concerts in the churches. He founded Camino Artes to provide accommodations for creative people needing a place in Spain while continuing artistic studies or to use as a studio residence. Artist working in any medium are welcome. Carrion de Los Arcos is located at the halfway point across The Camino. Freddy offers artists an opportunity to engage more deeply with Spain and specifically this region of Spain. He has a deep love for this area and hopes to popularize this region and encourage its economic well-being.

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