Travel with Tess Felix’s as she walks from France to Spain, beginning in Le Puy-en-Velay, along The Way of St. James

No where to hide

No where to run, no where to hide

See us Smile 🙂

On The Meseta, there is nowhere to take shelter. I am certainly not feeling like Holly but we are managing to keep our humor in tact. We are having rain on the plains of Spain. There is no end of the little tunes that are coming to my mind. Perhaps more to say later. For now just a wet but still cheerful hello and a treat…


Dana takes a stand


Dana takes issue with one of the principles Tess is following and states her case.
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Principles of Outdoor Ethics for Travelers


Tess and Dana start on the walk across The Meseta. There is a discussion about what constitutes waste and Tess lays out the guidelines she follows from Leave No Trace, an organization promoting outdoor ethics. Here is an image summarizing the principles. More on their site.

Principles of Waste Management

Principles of waste management when camping

*Follow the link below and see the first ever Tess Outtake!
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Leave No Trace Organization

… and fresh beginnings

Fresh beginnings

Three friends meet up again

All rested up and clean cloths in my pack. I have made it to Burgos. I met here with my friends Dana and Brigit. Two years ago we walked the pilgrimage trail together but skipped over a small piece as we traveled between areas by bus. We have joined again, our small band, and are completing the part of the trail we had skipped over, The Meseta in Spain. There are rumors that this is the most challenging part of the Camino. We will find out soon for ourselves.

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I feel like a bag lady

Laundry Day

My wet cloths air dry on the bus

I feel like a bag lady but the truth is happiness is freshly washed clothes in a washing machine. I didn’t have time for the dryer, so here I am, on a bus to Burgos, my wet cloths spread out around me. I had a small break from walking and spent 2 wonderful days in Bilbao, Spain. Bilbao is a magical city, filled with art and warm, lovely inhabitants.

Bobby Sarnoff of Mill Valley

Bobby Sarnoff of Mill Valley is beginning her own pilgrimage.

Bobby Sarnoff from Mill Valley happened to be in Bilbao the same day I was. She’s heading out to walk the Camino as well. She was very generous and shared her lovely hotel room with me right across the street from the Guggenheim. We went out for tapas and enjoyed the scene in Bilbao together. Buen Camino, Bobby.

My feet, even after this rest, are still tender. When I reach my destination I will be joining with an old friend  for the next leg of my walk. A change; having someone so familiar to share the day with. I am looking forward to the ease that will bring to my day.

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