I feel like a bag lady

Laundry Day

My wet cloths air dry on the bus

I feel like a bag lady but the truth is happiness is freshly washed clothes in a washing machine. I didn’t have time for the dryer, so here I am, on a bus to Burgos, my wet cloths spread out around me. I had a small break from walking and spent 2 wonderful days in Bilbao, Spain. Bilbao is a magical city, filled with art and warm, lovely inhabitants.

Bobby Sarnoff of Mill Valley

Bobby Sarnoff of Mill Valley is beginning her own pilgrimage.

Bobby Sarnoff from Mill Valley happened to be in Bilbao the same day I was. She’s heading out to walk the Camino as well. She was very generous and shared her lovely hotel room with me right across the street from the Guggenheim. We went out for tapas and enjoyed the scene in Bilbao together. Buen Camino, Bobby.

My feet, even after this rest, are still tender. When I reach my destination I will be joining with an old friend  for the next leg of my walk. A change; having someone so familiar to share the day with. I am looking forward to the ease that will bring to my day.

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