Lions and Tigers and The Beast, Oh My!

Tess Felix on The Way of St. James Walk

Tess pauses along the trail

I set out today with my band of fellow pilgrims. We walked quite far before stopping for lunch on a cold stone Bench in the town of Sourge. Being Sunday no shops were open when we reached Sourge so We ate left over baguettes and apples taken from the Gite in the morning. There is a legend about a wolf beast that terrorized of Sourge in the 1700’s. The Beast ate woman and children.

It left quite an impression on the region . After lunch my very tall long-legged Americans friends were anxious to get a move on. I hung back to visit the church and to walk with my French buds. They then decided to rest a while longer so I left and walked alone all afternoon. Me, the woods, the fog….. The Beast.

I finally reached the predetermined destination to find my American pals had ditched me and my French pals had not arrived yet. I started to feel lonely and depressed and terribly weak. I found a place to test on a farm and got into my sleeping bag with my down jacket on and I could feel my heart beating. My body was aching, I was sure I was dying. I imagined Sean having to come and identify my body like in “the way”. When it dawned on me I hadn’t hydrated all day. I was dehydrated. A warm shower and seeing my French friends arrive at the farm and a hot meal restored my being. Tomorrow I hope the sun shines because this weather is dreary and I know it’s I’m the. 90’s at home.