Kara Karajev

Kara Karajev

I’m about to embark on another artistic adventure, this time to Baku, Azerbaijan where I have been invited to participate in the IV International Exhibition From Waste to Art to be held June 14th through 18th.

Tamiz Shahar, the organizer, is a state organization providing waste disposal services to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The objective of the company is to establish up to date and sustainable waste management system in Baku and bring the latest novelties in the waste management sphere to the country through sharing experience with foreign countries and international companies. This includes a number of activities to increase public awareness on waste problems and stimulate people to protect the environment through proper waste treatment. The art exhibition is one of the ways in which they are achieving this goal. Last year 59 artist form 27 countries came and created original art on sight from the waste.

I’ll be creating a portrait of a famous composer, Kara Karajev from Azerbaijan. This will be challenging to create a portrait in such a short amount of time. I haven’t any idea about the work space provided, or how jet lagged I’ll be. It will be an unfolding mystery.

I’m packing my art supplies now and wondering what to wear. Baku is a big modern city. I leave on Saturday. The journey alone is heroic: flying first to LA then to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Baku. I’ll have 10 days of art making and then I return home. Wish me luck.


Listen to a small example of his works. This piece, performed by Konstantin Scherbakov, piano – Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Dmitry Yablonsky conductor, is from the music he created for a ballet called The Seven Beauties.