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5 Gyres Viking Contest

Today I posted my video entry for a chance to crew on the 5 Gyres Expedition onboard the Sea Dragon, a 72 foot sailing vessel. They will be exploring the Northeastern Atlantic and Viking Gyres, areas that have not been explored yet. The prize will give me the chance to work alongside a crew of educators and scientists and share in doing experiments, compiling data and gathering garbage.

Katy Kuhn, ArtistThe 5 Gyers organization is dedicated to ending plastic pollution. Part of their mission is addressed through education and raising public awareness and part of it is by actively adding to the scientific knowledge about our ocean health. For me, this would be a dream come true – a rare moment of having my art and values in full sync. Take a minute to view my video entry and then, vote and vote and vote and please, share this information with your friends. I am unable to link to a specific page but follow the link and select the VOTE tab in the upper right on that screen. Now scan for my artwork that looks like the portrait pictured at the left. This will help you find me among the other entrants. Thank you! Tess



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