Wayne, 2014 commision

Wayne, 2014 commision beach debris and oil by Tess Felix

I am one of three artists who’s work will be shown at the conference for Plastic in The Mediterranean. This event is organized by the Prince Albert ll of Monaco Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe, Tara Expeditions and the Mava Foundation. The conference will be focused on exploring solutions that can reduce or end the plastic waste that is in the Mediterranean and impacting marine life.

The show will also feature artist and photographer Gregg Segal’s images from his powerful series 7 days of Garbage as well as selected pieces from artist and photographer Alain Delorme’s poetic series of plastic clouds that mimic the dance of wild starlings,  Murmurations. It is so exciting to show along side them!

The conference will be held in Monaco on March 10 and March 11.  The show will be on display for two months, starting March 10th. at the Gallerie des Pecheurs, Monaco