2014 Peter Benchley Ocean Awards Dinner

Captain Charles Moore at the 2014 Peter Benchley Ocean Awards

Captain Charles Moore at the 2014 Peter Benchley Ocean Awards

Captain Charles Moore invited me to share his table at the Peter Benchley Ocean Awards where he was honored as the Hero of the Sea for 2014. It was fantastic to see him recognized by his peers for his tireless work and campaigning on behalf of ocean health. Captain Moore is credited with discovering “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” in 1997 and since that time has dedicated himself to educating the public and establishing protocols to monitor marine and beach micro-plastics, thereby helping to give scientists the world over a way to record and share the data they gather. Apart from the sheer delight to share a table with the Captain I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Ocean Plastics artist, Angela Hazleton Pozzi, of Washed ashore.org.

The entire night I felt like I was in a dream. The event took place at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco amongst the pools of fish and the old white alligator grotto. A delicious vegetarian menu insured that there was no eating of friends. The attendees and award recipients were the glitteratti of ocean preservation. I was impressed with the evening and so excited to be there. Just four years ago I began my exploration in ocean plastic pollution and last night I was rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of the planet’s preservation.

Captain Charles, thank you for the wonderful evening and for introducing me to so many wonderful people.

Here is a list of all the honorees of 2014 and links to learn more about their contributions.

Excellence in National Ocean Stewardship EU Commissioner Maria Damanaki
Excellence in Science
Dr. Steve Gaines
Excellence in Policy Secretary, Leon Panetta
Excellence in Media Gabriela Cowperthwaite
Excellence in Exploration HRH Khaled bin Sultan and The Living Oceans Foundation
Christopher Benchley Youth Award Casey Sokolovic
Hero of the Seas Captain Charles Moore


He also commissioned a portrait and it was just delivered yesterday. You can also view a larger version in my portfolio for Eco Heros.

The Captain

The awards were hosted by the Blue Frontier Campaign and Wendy Benchley
A CBS News video about the gyre and featuring Captain Moore
Watch Chris Jordan’s film preview about the gyre and it’s impact on ocean birds