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Packing for a long walk on The Way of St. James

What to leave, what to take?

What to leave, what to take?

I’m packing my backpack for a long walk across France on an ancient pilgrimage trail, The Way of Saint James, Chemin de Jacques Compostelle or Camino de Santiago Compostella. I’m returning to the camino after two years of dreaming about it. I walked across Spain in 2010 with my dear friend , Dana. It was a beautiful enriching experience full of friendship , laughter, adventure and contemplation. My thoughts often have returned to the camino. It has a mysterious draw to those who have walked to return. Many writers, poets, painters and musicians have been inspired to capture the camino. This time I’m walking as an earth guardian/pilgrim. I’ll be picking up garbage along the way.

My pack is four pounds over what I’d like it to be. I have a few hours to lighten my load until take off. I want everything in it. Letting go, is lesson number one. I go forth into the unknown with a  mixture of trepidation , a false sense if bravado and a little happiness about a new adventure about to begin. Buen Camino, Tess

  1. Found your blog! It all sounds so good!! keep it up! So, so proud of you! You go Tess Team.

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  3. Melanie is walking with you via blog.