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Commissions Changemaker, The Story of Stuff: Stiv Wilson Tess Felix, the Twins, Isabel, 2016 Tess Felix, the Twins, Ben, 2016 Caroline, Commision 24 x 20 inches Commissions Tess Felix portrait Pope Francis 2015 Commissions David Bowie by Tess Felix Tess Felix, Sandra 2015 Tess Felix, 2015, Ildi and David Tess Felix-2015, My Little Fish The Sun and the moon and the stars and Venus-w Commissions Jerry Garcia portrait by Tess Felix Kathy, Tess Felix, 2019 TFelix_Tom and Kristi Pam and Peter


Commissioned portraits created by Tess Felix with beach plastic debris collected by her coastal home.

Copyright by Tess Felix 2013-2019. All rights reserved. No use is granted without the artists prior permission and approval.