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News about Tess Felix and her art elsewhere on the web

Plus her influencers, favorite resources and friends

This is the spot to find out where you can find additional information about the art by Tess Felix elsewhere on the web. It covers everything from news articles, press releases, write-ups on blogs and other mentions. Hopefully this will be useful if you are exploring the art created by Tess Felix and her interest in creating art using beach plastics.

No one is an island and there are many people who influence both Tess’s artwork and world view. Here you will also find information regarding her greatest influences, green resources that she has found valuable and of course, friends here on the web.

Tess on the web:
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Beth Terry’s article her portrait created by Tess Felix
SFGate”Tess makes portraits from beach plastics”
Bolinas Museum
New Yorker Chic
Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, Susan Freinkle
From Here to Eternity
Wasteland: Plastic Garbage Portraits