Eco artist Tess Felix journeys over The Way of St. James to raise awareness of the plight of our oceans.

I leave Sept. 25th for a month long trek…

I am an artist and live at Stinson Beach, California; just north of San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. My artistic passion is collecting bits and pieces of flotsam washed up on the sandy beach brought in by the evening tide, turning the debris into an art form. The child portrait is of me as a child and a small example of my work.

I grew up in a wild, free and beautiful environment. Now those same beaches are littered with plastics, medications, syringes and all manner of things you don’t want to think about as your child goes for a swim. Debris is a worldwide problem and has given me the theme for my art, which hopefully, will bring a spotlight to the impact plastics has on our world and our lives. We all share in giving a world of beauty and wonder to each child who comes after us. Our governments are slow to act and take steps to save our world for all of the tomorrows. We are each of us, our best hope, and by making better choices in how we live our daily lives we will have unbelievable impact. Stay with me on this trek. I will enjoy and look forward to your company in the days ahead. And let’s join together in a pact to heal our world. ~Tess